Why TruckersHub?

Our Features

Effortless Setup

Start the game, and our tracker runs in the background—no need to open any app.

Custom Discord RPC

We offer Custom Discord RPC with Button Options.

Real-Time Insights

We support sending data via websocket as well as webhooks in Real-Time.

Route Tracking

Job Route Tracking Data for the path followed.

Skills System

Revolutionize virtual trucking with dynamic skills, leveling up on TruckersHub.

Simulation and Economy System

This System blends virtual trucking and innovation.


Monthly Active Users

1.4K This Week


Total Users

+ 232 This Week


Total VTCs

+ 20 This Week


Total Jobs Done

+ 8.2K This Week


Total Distance Covered

+ 7.9M This Week

About TruckersHub Mockup


TruckersHub is a job logger for Euro Truck Simulator 2 & American Truck Simulator which collects the data from game and sends it to your hub.

TruckersHub offers a smooth-working Tracker that allows virtual trucking companies to acquire and transfer the data of their truckers straight to their Drivershub, this makes anyone work more leisurely and relaxed.

Easy to Integrate

You will create your own Virtual Trucking Company and its Dashboard. You can Manage it and Customize the DriversHub as per your Requirements. You will hire new drivers who will drive for your company. We will just send you the in game data and you can manipulate it yourway.

  • API Feature
  • Live Game Data access
  • Custom Discord RPC
  • Highly Accurate
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What is TruckersHub?
TruckersHub is your all-in-one solution, allowing VTCs to focus on their DriversHub while we handle the efficient development of a robust tracker. We offer data via webhooks and websockets, ensuring a seamless experience. For VTCs without a DriversHub, our platform provides a professional dashboard with statistical data and engaging competitions.
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Unlike other solutions offering one-size-fits-all Drivers Hub, we prioritize flexibility. Tailor our client to your VTC with seamless webhook integration, live speedometer, skills system, and simulation features. We stand out as the exclusive one-stop solution for drivers and VTCs seeking a customized and cutting-edge experience.
Opt for TruckersHub for its easy setup, real-time insights, full customization, monthly awards, job route tracking, live maps, innovative Skills System & TH Points, enhanced simulation and economy, live speedometer, job dispatcher, teleportation to any company, convenient truck sharing, truck switching features and much more...

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