TruckersHub Rules

By registering an account and logging into the TruckersHub server, users acknowledge, agree to, and are bound by the rules outlined on the TruckersHub server. It is the user's responsibility to thoroughly review and comply with these rules to ensure a positive and respectful community environment.

  1. §1 General Rule

    1. §1.1 Account and Equipment
      You are responsible for all activities associated with your account, including interactions within the community. Any violations of rules will be addressed with the account, regardless of who is currently using the account. Additionally, ensure the proper use and upkeep of all equipment utilized while engaging with TruckersHub platforms.
    2. §1.2 Be Respectful and Kind
      Show kindness, empathy, and understanding in your interactions with others. Refrain from engaging in disrespectful behavior, including insults, harassment, profanity, threats, hate speech, sexist or discriminatory comments, or racist content. Uphold the dignity of all community members to create a positive and inclusive environment for everyone.
    3. §1.3 Respect Staff and Community Rules
      Show respect towards all staff members, acknowledging that their decisions are final. Familiarize yourself with and adhere to all rules, guidelines, and policies outlined by TruckersHub.
    4. §1.4 System Abuse
      Ensure the integrity of the TruckersHub system. Exploiting any loopholes or vulnerabilities for personal gain or to disrupt the platform is prohibited. Abuse or spamming of any system features is strictly prohibited and may result in disciplinary action.
    5. §1.5 Content Guidelines
      Sharing extreme political views, discussing illegal substances or drugs, offensive or sexually explicit content, flashing images, or inappropriate gifs is strictly prohibited. Additionally, distributing or discussing links or files containing viruses, malware, illegal software, piracy content, torrents, or any other illegal material is not permitted.
    6. §1.6 Profile and Status
      Ensure that your profile and status on any of the TruckersHub platforms adhere to the guidelines outlined in Rule 1.5, prohibiting inappropriate content. Any attempts to impersonate others using your avatar or name will not be tolerated.
    7. §1.7 Reporting Violations
      If you notice any breaches of community rules or guidelines, promptly inform community moderators or administrators. For reporting staff, utilize the ticket system on our Discord server. Please provide clear and detailed information to aid in investigating and resolving the issue.
    8. §1.8 Clarity and Ambiguity
      In cases of ambiguity in the rules, interpretations, and decisions will be made by TruckersHub Management. Exploiting loopholes or ambiguous terms is not permitted, and any identified ambiguities should be reported for clarification.
  2. §2 TruckersHub Application Rules

    1. §2.1 Program Integrity
      Upon installation of the program, users consent to the transmission of game data to the TruckersHub Servers. Interfering with the security or integrity of our services will be considered a breach of the Terms and Conditions.
    2. §2.2 Hacking or Cheating is strictly prohibited
      Hacking or cheating within the TruckersHub application is strictly prohibited. Any attempts to gain an unfair advantage or manipulate the game environment will result in disciplinary action, including account suspension or termination.
    3. §2.3 Data Modification
      It is forbidden to modify any of the files in a way that affects the behavior of the game in favor of statistics. Any attempts to alter or manipulate the program's functionality are strictly prohibited.
    4. §2.4 Bug Abusing
      While efforts have been made to minimize bugs within the program and its tracker, occasional issues may arise. Users are encouraged to report any bugs encountered to the development team through appropriate channels for prompt resolution. Exploiting bugs for personal gain is strictly prohibited and may result in disciplinary action.
    5. §2.5 Program Punishments
      1. 30-Day Ban and Progress Reset:
        The first violation of any rule will result in a 30-day ban from all services. Additionally, any suspicious jobs or progress made within the last 30 days may be reset.
      2. 90-Day Ban and Progress Reset:
        A second violation of any rule will result in a 90-day ban from all services. Similar to the first violation, any suspicious jobs or progress made within the last 90 days may be reset.
      3. Permanent Ban:
        A third violation of any rule will result in a permanent ban from all services under TruckersHub.
      Note: TruckersHub Staff is authorized to issue permanent bans without warning for severe cases of violations and breaches of the Terms and Conditions.
  3. §3 TruckersHub Forum Rules

    All rules under "§1 General" are applicable.

    1. §3.1 Forum Profiles
      1. §3.1.1 Signatures: Signature images should not exceed a height of 100px and must contain a maximum of 55 characters.
      2. §3.1.2 Profile Pictures: Ensure that profile pictures are respectful, appropriate for all audiences, and in line with the forum's community standards.
      3. §3.1.3 Enforcement: Violations of these rules may lead to the removal or adjustment of profile content by forum moderators.
      4. §3.1.4 Reporting: Users are encouraged to report any profile content that violates forum rules or guidelines to moderators for review and appropriate action.
    2. §3.2 Forum Guidelines
      1. §3.2.1 Titles: Use descriptive titles that highlight the topic being discussed.
      2. §3.2.2 Relevance and Language: Replies must be relevant to the topic at hand, and should be posted in the appropriate language.
      3. §3.2.3 Restricted Content:
        1. Personal Details: Sharing personal information is strictly prohibited. TruckersHub will not be held responsible for any misuse of personal information shared by users.
        2. Prohibited Topics: Discussion or implication of the following topics is strictly prohibited:
          1. Profanity and Abuse
          2. Criminal activities
          3. Drug and substance abuse
          4. Pornographic or sexual content
          5. Hate speech
          6. (Extreme) political views
        3. Images/GIFs: Flashing and blinking images or GIFs are not allowed on the forum.
        4. Unsafe Websites: Linking to or providing access to unsafe websites or content is prohibited.
        5. Trading and Selling: Trading or selling of any physical or digital goods is not allowed on the forum.
        6. Giveaways: Giveaways and sharing of unused game keys are permitted.
        7. Fundraisers: Fundraiser links are prohibited unless explicitly approved by forum management.
    3. §3.3 Forum Category and Purpose
      Within each category, specific rules are outlined in the category description. Posting invalid content that doesn't align with the topic of the category/post will be removed/moved and a warning may be issued.
    4. §3.4 Forum Punishments
      1. Warning: The first two infractions will result in warnings sent via Private Messages on the Forum, providing users with an opportunity to rectify their behavior without immediate repercussions.
      2. Content Restriction: For subsequent offenses, 3rd and 4th violations will lead to posting privileges being temporarily restricted for a specified duration. This restriction may be temporary or permanent, depending on the nature of the offenses.
      3. Ban: Repeated offenses beyond the 4th time will result in a temporary ban from the forum. The duration of the ban will vary depending on the severity and frequency of violations.
      4. Permanent Ban: In severe instances of repeated or egregious misconduct, users may face a permanent ban from the forum.
    5. §3.5 Content Moderation
      1. Posts that violate forum rules or guidelines may be subject to deletion by moderators. This includes posts containing inappropriate content, spam, or off-topic discussions.
      2. In cases where a post is deemed more suitable for a different forum category, moderators may move the post to the appropriate location. This ensures that discussions remain organized and relevant to the intended audience.
      3. In some specific sections, all posts/comments from a user may be subject to review by moderators before being officially published. This ensures that potentially harmful or inappropriate content is identified and addressed proactively.
      4. Moderators reserve the right to edit or modify posts that violate forum rules. This may involve removing offensive language, correcting misinformation, or adjusting formatting to comply with forum guidelines.
      5. Users who believe they have been unfairly penalized may have the option to appeal their punishment. The appeals process allows users to present their cases to forum moderators or administrators for reconsideration via support tickets.
  4. §4 TruckersHub Discord Rules

    1. §4.1 Rule Sets
      1. §4.1.1 Adhere to Discord's Terms of Service & Community Guidelines.
      2. §4.1.2 Follow TruckersHub rules outlined in "§1 General".
    2. §4.2 Content Rules
      1. §4.2.1 English is the primary language unless specified otherwise.
      2. §4.2.2 Respect all members: No harassment, personal attacks, verbal abuse, or threats.
      3. §4.2.3 Prohibited Language: Abusive language, discrimination, and hate speech are strictly prohibited.
      4. §4.2.4 Discussions: Allowed as long as they remain civil and do not escalate into heated arguments.
      5. §4.2.5 Opinion Sharing: Members have the right to express their opinions without denial.
      6. §4.2.6 Topics of Discussion: All topics are permissible except for hate speech, racism, and sexism.
      7. §4.2.7 No pornographic or disturbing content.
      8. §4.2.8 Maintain a friendly and respectful demeanor towards all members.
    3. §4.3 Channel Usage
      1. §4.3.1 Use each channel for its designated purpose as described in channel descriptions.
      2. §4.3.2 Avoid text spamming and mic spamming.
      3. §4.3.3 Refrain from over-tagging or mass tagging users.
      4. §4.3.4 Limit bot commands to the bot-commands channel.
      5. §4.3.5 No irrelevant memes in text channels.
      6. §4.3.6 Avoid interrupting ongoing conversations in General Talk with loud noises.
    4. §4.4 Advertisements
      1. §4.4.1 Advertising or soliciting members to join other Discord servers or communities without permission is prohibited. Advertisements are only allowed in designated Advertisement Channels.
    5. §4.5 Usernames and Avatars
      1. §4.5.1 Impersonation using avatars or usernames is not tolerated.
      2. §4.5.2 Usernames and avatars must not contain offensive, explicit, or defamatory content.
    6. §4.6 Inappropriate Content
      1. §4.6.1 Strictly forbidden: illegal, offensive, or sexually explicit content.
      2. §4.6.2 Avoid distributing or discussing links or files containing viruses, malware, illegal software, torrents, sexual content, etc.
      3. §4.6.3 Ensure information is verified by official sources; refrain from spreading false information.
      4. §4.6.4 Avoid initiating or participating in topics that may lead to heated arguments, such as politics or sensitive subjects.
    7. §4.7 Punishments
      1. §4.7.1 General offenses: 2 warnings issued.
      2. §4.7.2 Severe and repeated offenses: 7-day timeout.
      3. §4.7.3 Improper behavior and promotion: Temporary ban for 30 days.
      4. §4.7.4 Consecutive bans may result in a permanent ban.